Lucky Charlie


Original Document - Scanned Images

A limited number of CD's with a PDF file of the transcribed portions of the original complete handwritten (autographic) document are available for researchers and libraries.

These images were scanned at 300 dpi to produce a good quality image, significantly better than the sample. But the resulting file is too large (~80 Mb) for the Internet.

Please email a request to:

Hints about Using the Acrobat Reader (and Downloading a File)

1. The Acrobat Reader™ is offered free of charge by Adobe Systems; simply click the yellow icon in the bottom right corner of the home page and follow instructions.

2. You are invited to copy on to your hard drive any of the documents offered (for non-commercial uses). This will be convenient for most readers since you don't have to be connected to the Internet when reading the story. Simply click the "save" button (which looks like a small floppy disk), select a folder then allow about 5 minutes depending on your connection speed to receive a complete copy. You can also print a copy to suit yourself.

3. The Acrobat Reader™ offers many helpful features. Its "size" facility will set the text size on the screen, the "rotation" facility will turn an image on its side for better viewing (such as the map on page 28). The "go to" feature allows you to type in the desired page number <enter> and the view moves to the desired page, etc. The "Help" function is very good.

Copyright Intentions and Usage

The public is free to use and copy these documents for educational or research purposes, including general reading by individuals, but not to publish or republish without permission. Commercial uses, particularly movies are reserved by the transcriber.